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martes, 28 de junio de 2011


As an educator I am always trying to find new ways to come close to my students. I believe that blogging could facilitate the communicative approach that EFL classes should favour.
  • First of all, through blogging students would be able to master  the four essential language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.Blogging is a valuable pedagogical tool, which enables the teacher and the students to get involved in a permanent monitoring process and feedback.
  • Second,taking into consideration that my students study English as a foreign language and they are not permanently exposed to the language outside the classroom. Blooging offers the exciting possibility of facilitating communication, not only with their teacher or among themselves but also with other people who may follow the blog.Sharing thoughts and discoveries with others can help to build networks of learning all over the world and I firmly believe that it could become a fascinating experience.
  • Third, as the role of the teacher must be redefined , I think the educator has an invaluable opportunity to engage students  to participate in meaningful discussions. Blogging benefits the promotion of higher order thinking.I think that teachers have the responsibility of going beyond the fact of teaching a subject. We play an important role in our student´s education and through blogging knowledge can be constructed collectively.When students must comment on a certain topic, their sense of reflection and analysis increases.
  • Fourth, I think that blogging gives students a sense of belonging. They become part of a community who share the same interests and projects.
  • Finally, blogging could be fun. It could transform the classical way students learn a foreign language.It could be inspiring, motivating and why not, enriching for students and teachers.